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Business Law Section Fellowships

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For 16 years, the Fellows Program has represented the ABA Business Law Section’s commitment to encouraging the participation of diverse lawyers in Section activities. Through the Fellows Program, young lawyers, lawyers of color, lawyers with disabilities and LGBT lawyers are provided a springboard to substantive leadership roles within the Section through unique leadership roles, mentorships and subsidized attendance at Business Law Section Meetings.

Leadership Experience

Participants in the program are provided a path to Section Leadership though unique leadership positions within their substantive Committees and the Business Law Fellows Committee. Additionally, Fellows are introduced to the Section’s structure and opportunities for leadership.


Current Fellows are assigned program alumni mentors and substantive committee mentors. Mentors are expected to help Fellows navigate the Section and the Business Law Fellows Program and to identify and maximize the opportunities for participation within the Section.

Meeting Attendance Subsidy

Meeting attendance is critical to Section Leadership growth. To assist Fellows in attending each meeting, program participants are reimbursed, consistent with the Section policies, for their attendance at the Business Law Section Spring Meeting, Business Law Section Annual Meeting, and one stand-alone meeting per year, for their term.  A total of 6 meetings will be reimbursed for each Business Law Fellow.

Liaisons to Diverse Bar Organizations

In addition to the Business Law Fellows Program goal of increasing participation of Diverse Lawyers, the Section also hopes to build stronger relationships with diverse bar organizations. Fellows are expected to enhance knowledge about the Section among members of other diverse bar organizations.

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