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Employment and Multiple Sclerosis (via MS Society)

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Today, we’re going to highlight a few resources that are available through the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society.

Early this year, the MS Society shared some information it has gathered on employment and MS. Visit the website for a complete overview of its findings and some resources they offer.

There are several webinars available in the “telelearning archive” related to employment: MS and Employment – Legal Basics: Know Your Rights; MS and Employment – Managing Cognitive Symptoms and Fatigue in the Workplace; MS and Employment – Supports to Help You Find Employment; MS and Employment -The Essential Guide to Flexible and Home-Based Jobs; Navigating Career Change Working with MS is Possible!; and Home Based Employment: What Employers Want. Archived information is available here.

The MS Society also has a webpage devoted to disclosure in the workplace, and a DVD covering information for jobseekers.

Employers can find a video to help them understand MS in the workplace here.

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