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Workshop on the Differences Between Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals

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Dr. Jane Jarrow will be doing a full-day workshop/webinar on the differences between emotional support animals and service animals. Here is a description from the website, where you can register for this event:

Who Let The Dogs Out…In???

Knowing the difference between Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

We will define and discuss the SA/ESA dichotomy and its implications on process and policy in post-secondary accommodations.

Presenter: Dr. Jane Jarrow

Jane Jarrow is the Founder and President of Disability Access Information and Support (DAIS). For more than two decades, Jane has provided technical assistance and professional development activities to various segments of the higher education community surrounding issues of accommodation and support for students with disabilities. She is recognized as an authority in the emerging issues of animals on campus. Although Jane is based in the US, she recently presented at the annual CACUSS (Canadian Association of College and University Student Services) conference and has a unique perspective on the implication of ESA policy in a Canadian context.

This presentation will be beneficial to anyone who works directly with students, those responsible for developing and implementing policy and procedures at any level on campus and those interested in Saskatchewan Human Rights legislation.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions surrounding:

– The definitions of emotional support and service animals

– The difference between the two categories of animals and the implications for policy making

– How administrators, managers, and instructors should be handling requests for emotional support animals in their workplaces, classrooms and lab spaces as a disability related accommodation

– How to develop policies and procedures on emotional support animals on campus for staff and students.

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